Version 6 is our latest AVM-2000 version available.



The following update choices are available for existing AVM-2000 users:

Version 6 Upgrades/Updates are available on the Version 6 page. This is our newest and most current version of the AVM-2000 software. Version 6 was completely re-programmed for Microsoft® Windows® VISTA and Windows® 7-compatibility, and has also been tested on Windows® 8. It is considered a major upgrade and was initially released in July 2007. This upgrade/update is available for download to all AVM-2000 users. (Please note additional fees may apply.)

Version 5 Updates are available on the Version 5 page. Please note that TangoWare is unable to provide installation and/or update support for AVM-2000 Version 5. It will run on Windows® XP. This is the last update to version 5 of the AVM-2000 software. This update is available for download at no charge to all Version 5 users with a current AMA. Version 5 will no longer be available for purchase.

Version 4 updates are no longer available.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding updates for your AVM-2000 software, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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