AVM-2000 software is great for:
Avionics Shops, Aviation Maintenance Facilities,
Repair Stations,
Accessory Shops, Buy/Sell/Repair Operations, Resellers and other Aviation Maintenance related businesses !


Charlie Tango, Inc. has made the difficult decision to close its doors 12/31/2023 after 30 years of service to the aviation community.

All AVM-2000 systems will continue to operate and function normally. Use of AVM-2000 is not dependent on a maintenance agreement, and your registration codes will never expire. Backing up your entire AVM2000 folder will help ensure that you are in a good position to "move" or restore AVM in the event of a major issue or new computer system.

To aid in this transition time, we will host our website with important information and documentation for the AVM-2000 system for a limited time. You should download any documentation, and save any installation files, etc. that you may need for your future use.

We highly encourage all of our users to maintain a very regular backup routine in the event there are issues you may be unable to resolve and you need to revert to a backup of your AVM-2000 system.

Some of the most important files would be:

1. Primary/Server Installation
2. WorkStation Installation
3. Backup Recommendations
4. Server Recommendations
5. QBFC file if you use the QuickBooks integration
6. Windows 10 Info
7. Move AVM-2000 (from one computer to another, or to assist with restoring from a backup)

Others to consider downloading:
a. Inventory On Hand as of a Previous Date
b. Customer Email List/XLS
c. Electronic Signatures Template block if you have electronic signatures
d. Purge/Archive Instructions
e. FAQs webpage (print to PDF or hard copy)

It has been a pleasure working with all of you over the years and we will miss you.

Thank you.